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Events at Studio 8

Workshops are a great way to practice new skills, work with other photographers, and get some great images.

Our workshops are typically scheduled for 2 hours. We hire a model for the workshop. Up to 5 photographers can attend. We plan looks and concepts with the model, so those are set. If a workshop includes nude looks the description will clearly state that. We will plan lighting setups, but the group can always agree to modify these.

During the workshop each photographer works one-on-one with the model for about 5 minutes for each look. To get the best outcome, we do not permit "side-shooting" - only one active camera at a time.

All props and equipment are provided. You need to have a camera with a hot shoe that accepts an external flash unit (you do not need a flash) since that is how the the trigger for the strobes is attached. You also need to be able to put your camera into manual mode.


The descriptions below give you details about each type of workshop we offer. We have just started to develop our workshop ideas, so we will have more content soon! The button above takes you to the registration page where you can check on upcoming workshop dates.

Studio Lighting Basics

This workshop is designed for photographers who have little or no experience with studio (strobe) lighting. We will work on 2-3 lighting scenarios with varying complexity.

This workshop type typically includes lingerie and fashion looks, no nudity.


If you have some experience with studio strobes, but would like to create more dynamic images, this workshop is for you! We will set up 2 lighting scenarios and our model will select 3 outfits (no nudity). We will focus on capturing the model in motion during dance moves, jumps, and other types of movement. During the workshop we will go over camera and strobe settings, model communication, and other strategies to get great shots.

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